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“After four months of frustration and struggling with another company I turned my property over to Tim Emery at Stix and Stones. He had the property rented in less than 24 hours for a higher price than expected. They are very prompt and very professional. I highly recommend them.”   Eric L.


The reason is very simple. We are property owners ourselves and we know how to manage properties for maximum profits. All financials, maintenance requests and rent collections are overseen by a CPA with 18 years of property management experience. Any significant maintenance issues are cleared with a professional contractor who specializes in electrical, plumbing or HVAC issues. We make sure your properties are running as efficiently as possible to get you the results you deserve.  We have over 30 years of combined property management and real estate experience.



  • Posting of your property on numerous different sites for maximum exposure.
  • Placement of signs on the property and other appropriate places for additional exposure

Condition Advice

  • Consultation to determine necessary improvements needed in order to get your property rented quickly and at the maximum price.

Tenant Screening

  • Advanced screening system including credit, eviction and criminal background check.
Move In/Move Out Process
  • Photographed walk-through with the tenant prior to move in.
  • Clearly stated expectations for care of the property and for rent, late fees, etc.
  • Move out inspection with tenant to collaboratively determine refund deposit

Rent Collection

  • Implementation of strict late-fee policy to maintain an impressive track record of on-time rent payments.

“Having worked with another management company in the past where I felt like I was doing their job for them, Stix and Stones and Tim Emery are a breath of fresh air. Constantly getting updates on my property status, tenants needs and market adjustments. If you’re looking for a company that understands you and your property are a priority and will treat you right, look no further!” Dave P.

What You Can Expect

Expect us to care about you, your property and the success of your investment. We are in the property management business to create value … not for the joy of fixing toilets. We want you to be successful so we can help you build more wealth over time.

Expect a thorough property evaluation initially to help maximize revenue growth. We want you to have the best experience possible with your rental properties because owning rentals is a great way to build wealth and we’d like you to buy more.

Expect tenant applications to be systematically screened in order  to improve the quality of your tenants. We’ve been renting our own properties and others for over 30 years and we’ve seen it all.

Expect professional knowledge and timely feedback to minimize legal issues and keep you well informed. We don’t manage property from a manual: we do it from actual experience

Expect security deposits to be handled according to Colorado law so both the tenant and owner receive proper compensation. We make sure everything is legal while collecting the appropriate reimbursement for damages.

Expect to receive the most updated timely computer generated reports to increase your knowledge about the income and expenses of your property. If you have a portfolio with us, we also provide updated reporting each quarter and professional advice on maximizing your property returns and on making decisions to buy and sell.

Expect property inspections periodically and between tenants to document preventative maintenance, damage and potential liabilities.

Expect reputable, reasonably-priced service professionals to be called when repair work is needed.

Expect first class service and advice when buying or selling any of your properties. From investment properties to your home. We are the one stop shop for all your real estate needs.

If you have investment properties or are ready to invest we can help make the process easy and smooth so you can maximize profits and not have the headaches.  Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you to discuss you investment or property management needs!

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