Mortgage Watch

Mortgage Watch ($60 Annual Subscription – Free for a limited time)

Mortgage watch is a unique program that allows you to register your current home mortgage in our secure on-line system with a minimum of personal information.

Each day the Mortgage Watch System analyses your loan to determine if there is an opportunity to refinance based on current rates and loan programs. These types of refinances are called Rate & Term Refinances meaning that you’re only changing the rate and/or term of the loan, not borrowing more money.

If the system identifies an opportunity it is sent to a loan specialist at our office who looks at the report to determine if the opportunity makes financial sense. We use a special set of criteria to determine whether a refinance opportunity exists.

Mortgage Watch® Refinance Criteria

  1. There has to be enough difference in interest rate spreads so that all of the standard refinance costs can be covered in the refinance without adding to your current loan balance.
  2. Your current principal and interest payment has to be reduced by 5% or more.
  3. Any additional up-front cost for mortgage insurance coverage related to the refinance has to have a payback period of no more than 18 months, if financed in the loan (such as in FHA or VA refinances)
  4. Any change in the types of mortgage insurance used, such as switching to split premium or single premium mortgage insurance has to have a payback period of 24 months or less. If you don’t know what this means, you definitely need to signup for mortgage watch because if you properly change mortgages insurance from monthly to Single Premium or Split Premium as part of your refinance, you could reduce your mortgage payment an additional $150 – $250 per month

Exclusive Mortgage Watch® Benefits

Quarterly Mortgage Watch Newsletter ($49 Value)

Gives you a current update on the mortgage markets, rules changes, current rates and rate trends, refinance examples and a Denver Real Estate Market Update.

Free access to a Mortgage Watch Specialist ($150 Value)

Get answers to questions on your current mortgage or advertisements/offers (read scams) that you might come across.

Personalized Market Snapshot Report ($49 Value)

Every two months you’ll receive a personalized Market Snapshot Report that shows the properties currently for sale or that have sold in the last 3 months in your neighborhood and the surrounding area. Using the interactive map, you can see pictures and descriptions of each property, zoom in / out, see asking and sales prices, days on market and graphical trend data. Know what’s really going on in your neighborhood using real time MLS (Multiple Listing Service) data just like Realtors do.

After analyzing your loan, if a rate / term refinance opportunity really exists, we’ll call you to discuss the opportunity and see if it makes sense to refinance. If it does, then we’ll refinance your loan for you and pay all of your refinance costs without adding a dime to your loan balance. That includes origination fees, appraisal fees, title insurance, recording fees, flood & tax certificates and title closing fees.

You can also choose to take advantage of changing your mortgage insurance type or any other term of your loan that isn’t a refinancing cost and either pay it up front, or in your loan balance but only if it has an appropriate payback period and you intend to stay in your home for at least the next 2 years.

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