Mortgage Calculators

Mortgage Payment Calculator

This is our basic mortgage payment calculator that allows you to estimate a mortgage payment if you know the basics.  It also includes a tutorial to make sure that you’re doing it correctly!

Tax Savings Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate the tax savings from owing your home and to figure out what your average payment is after considering your tax savings.

Should I Refinance?

Calculate the absolute cost of refinancing your home from a cash perspective!

Should I Pay Points?

Paying points allows you to “buy down” your interest rate.  To determine if you should pay points, you need to calculate your payback period.  Use this calculator to figure out the breakeven point!

What If I Pay More Every Month?

Calculate how many months you can take off your 30 year mortgage if you simply make additional principal payment each month!

Rent vs. Buy

This is a fun way to see just what it means to own instead of rent.  Remember, to use a rent figure that is representative as to what it would cost you to rent the same price house that you’re buying!

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