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Your Home Purchase Plan is a 40 page personalized profile that takes your home ownership goals, credit, and down payment resources, and then shows you exactly what you need to do to make your dreams a reality.   Our detailed timeline shows you what to save, when to get pre-approved, when to start looking for properties and your timeline for closing and moving.  Each plan is broken down into 5 sections:

Your Timeline

Your Timeline shows all of the steps in a home purchase based on your current lease situation and when you want to buy.  You’ll know when to get pre-approved, when to search for homes and when you need to be under contract and close to coordinate with the end of your lease.

Your Credit Profile

Based on your credit scores, this section shows you what types of loan programs you can qualify for based on each of your three credit scores.  It also shows how your credit compares to others in the Metro area and Colorado.  Use this information to see exactly where you stand and to determine if there are things you can do to be in a better position when you are ready to buy

Your Credit Plan

Your Credit Plan is an easy to read snapshot of your current credit accounts, your limits, balances and how your available credit ratios are affecting your ability to qualify.  If you need to pay down debt to get into a better loan program, or qualify for a particular purchase price, the plan shows you what to pay off, and in what order.  It also gives you goals for your other accounts.  If you have collections, this section details each collection, organized by what needs to be paid off and what should be left alone.  You’ll also get suggestions on raising your credit scores in the fastest way possible.

Your Buying Power

By taking your current income or a future income goal, you will see all of your qualifying ratios including the maximum amount you can qualify for.  You will also see multiple scenarios for different home purchase prices with the complete mortgage payment and tax costs so you can determine the proper price range for you.   You’ll be able to see exactly what you can afford so you can get a better feel for the homes and price ranges you’ll be looking at.

Buying My Home

This section presents a detailed 12 step approach to buying a home and explains all of the people and processes involved in a home purchase.  Each step shows you what to do, what’s involved and gives you inside information that you need to know to make great decisions.  You’ll be able to follow this section while you’re in the middle of your buying process so you know what’s going on and what to ask each step of the way.

Click here to order your FREE Home Purchase Plan Today!


Home Purchase Plans

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