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For Sellers

Selling your home is serious business….and you need serious representation when you sell a home. We provide our sellers with that representation and a sophisticated marketing plan to get your home sold and maximize your cash.

So, where do you start? Start by getting a FREE Market Snapshot of what homes are selling for in YOUR NIEGHBORHOOD!  Fill out the Market Snapshot form on the right and you’ll get your snapshot in about 30 minutes!

After you’ve got your Market Snapshot ordered, we’ve got several different suggestions depending on your situation so see where you fit and then we can get started!

Step 1.. Your Home’s Value

I’m Ready to Sell

If you’re ready to get your home on the market then we’re ready to help you get started. First, we can prepare a personalized Comparative Marketing Analysis (CMA) to help you determine where your home currently fits in the marketplace and provide suggestions on what you can do to optimize your selling price.

We can then prepare a personalized marketing plan with you to reach your target buyer and maximize your exposure.

I’m Thinking of Selling

If you’re just thinking of moving and want to figure out what your home is worth, then order a free automated Market Snapshot Report which is the only online tool that will show you what homes are for sales in your neighborhood and what they have sold for in the last 3 months using direct MLS data.

If you’re trying to evaluate a new employment offer, we can assist by getting you realistic numbers to figure out if that new opportunity really makes sense.

Step 2.. What can I buy

I’m staying in the Denver Area

If you’re going to buy another home in the Denver area, we can also get you completely pre-approved for your new loan and run as many different scenarios as necessary to show you the financial results of your move and make sure you’re prepared and ready to buy your new home. Our clients love the fact that they can get all their answers from one source!

We’ll spend some time together determining where you’d like to move and then help you figure out what homes are available in your price range and what the mortgage payments will be. We even have a CPA on staff who can tell you what the impact will be on your future tax deductions.

I’m relocating out of the Denver Area

If you’re going to relocate away from Denver, we’ll help you manage your move process here in Denver so even if you’re already gone, everything here gets taken care of and nothing is taken for granted. We’ll put you in touch with a quality real estate professional in your destination city who we can work closely with so everything works out perfectly.

If you’re required to use a relocation company, we’ll work with them and within their requirements while still working for YOU. Never let a relocation company chose your representative…that person is most concerned with not loosing their relocation referrals…we don’t really care because you are our client.

Step 3.. Getting your home SOLD

It really doesn’t matter if you’re staying in the Denver area, or moving out of town, when you need your home SOLD..we make it happen. We utilize an active marketing plan that is designed to get a properly priced property sold in today’s market. That plan can be different depending on your home and situation so don’t be enticed by all of the “marketing tricks” that agents often use.

We use the most efficient system to schedule and handle showings and feedback so you’ll always know who’s looking at your property and what feedback they have provided.

When we get an offer, we’ll make sure you fully understand the terms and help evaluate the financial situation of the buyer and even provide an accurate Net Proceeds Sheet so you’ll know what the bottom line is on any offer. Once you’re under contract, our full time professional transaction coordinator will make sure that everything is done correctly and all of your legal obligations are met, while keeping track of the buyer’s obligations to avert any possible delays.

Step 4.. Buying your new home

I’m staying in the Denver Area

Even though our job is to find properties for you, most buyers these days enjoy the process of searching for homes so you can search the MLS directly yourself using your exclusive Property Finder Account. You can create your own automated searches and bookmark properties so each time you login you can see them and check their status in real time!

We’ll show you properties, negotiate your new purchase and then coordinate the sale, purchase and your loan so everything gets completed on time and with no surprises. We’re in total control, so you’re in total control. It quite simply the best way to sell and buy real estate!

I’m relocating out of the Denver Area

If you’re relocating then we’ll work with the agent in your new home city to coordinate your sale here and the purchase on their end. We understand real estate and the complexities of completing relocations so we’ll stay in constant communication with your buyer’s agent so that you can make the move as seamless as possible.

We’ll also coordinate with your relocation company to provide documents and cost estimates as needed so you can maximize your relocation benefits. We’ll even arrange for necessary repairs or the cleaning of your old home so that you don’t have to!

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