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For Buyers

We’ve got the most unique and sophisticated programs for real estates buyers in the nation and we’re proud of it! Unlike many real estate agent and companies…WE LOVE BUYERS!

Attend a Home Buyer Workshop!

Start by attending the only true informational workshop for 1st time buyers in the Denver area. Our very knowledgeable instructors can answer all your questions about buying and financing your home purchase and even help with those tax questions you have. The Home Buyer Workshop is in its 9th year and going strong.

Get a Free Home Purchase Plan

After you’ve attended a workshop, the next step is to get a Home Purchase Plan. This unique plan helps layout all of the details of your home purchase. We start by helping you define what you want to buy and then detail everything that needs to happen to make your dreams a reality. We look at your income, credit, down payment requirements and resources, assistance programs and even create a timeline for you to follow. You even get a free Tax Analysis to show you what your tax savings will be from owning!

Free Property Manager Account

Did you know that if you’re out searching on the internet for homes, you may be missing the best properties? All real estate search websites accumulate their information from our local MLS (Multiple Listing Service) but they may not be real time or complete. Only Real Estate Agents get real time access to the actual data and now YOU CAN TO! Sign-up for our FREE Property Manager Account and you can get access for yourself. Create your own custom searches, target property lists and even bookmark properties to see later and track their status.

Buyer Market Snapshot

If there is a neighborhood or area that you’re interested in? Order a free on-line Buyer Market Snapshot Report. Simply choose an address of a home in the neighborhood and you’ll get all of the sales in the last 3 months, plus properties that are currently for sale. You can even customize the search criteria to target the square footage range, or number of bedrooms or bathrooms for your target home! You’ll also get community information and even school reports…all for free!

Preferred Lending Options

In today’s market, your loan is the most dangerous part of the entire real estate transaction. We help make the loan portion a breeze because we can help you throughout the entire process from pre-approval thru closing and help make sure there are no surprises. We can get you fully pre-approved for a Conventional, FHA or VA loan in our office and even run automated underwriting while you’re here. We can look at different scenarios for programs, rates, closing costs without having to wait for anyone. It’s really the most convenient, safe and empowered way to buy a home.

Tax Savings Analysis

One of the hardest questions for buyers to determine in advance is what the tax effect will be on a real estate purchase. If you’re a 1st time buyer, figuring out what your tax savings will be is an important part of knowing how much you can afford. If you’re replacing a home, we can show you what will be different in your taxes next year so you can plan. How can we do this? We’ve got a CPA on staff….so take advantage of this free service!

Credit Optimization Help

The time to figure out if you can get a better loan program isn’t when you’ve found a house you want to buy! By then it’s too late to optimize your situation. It’s amazing what can be done in 6 to 12 months to improve your loan situation and get into a great loan program. Even people with excellent credit can improve their situation by altering debt structures or payment arrangements. We’ll help you by working in advance with you to get you in the best position to buy as possible. Whether you think you have perfect credit or know you need serious help, we’ll help you for free so contact us today!

Home Purchase Plans

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